"bf-cbc" Cipher with Salted Key

A tutorial example is provided to show you how to use the 'bf-cbc' cipher with Salted Key to encrypt and decrypt binary data files. The Secret Key and the IV will be derived from the given passphrase and the given salt.

Similar to the OpenSSL "enc -bf-ecb" command, we can also run the "enc -bf-cbc" command in the "Salted Key" way by using "-pass" and "-S" options:

Here is my first test using OpenSSL "enc -bf-cbc" command in the "Salted Key" way with "-pass pass:" and "-S" options.

C:\herong> \
   perl -e "binmode(STDOUT); print pack('H*', '0000000000000000')" \
   > 2-block.txt

C:\herong> \
   perl -e "binmode(STDOUT); print pack('H*', '0000000000000000')" \
   >> 2-block.txt

C:\herong>\local\gnuwin32\bin\openssl enc -bf-cbc -e \
   -pass pass:MySecret -S 0000000000000000 \
   -in 2-block.txt -out cipher.txt -nopad -p
iv =6FF60FCD91D7F34E

C:\herong>perl -e "print unpack('H*',v>)" < cipher.txt

53616c7465645f5f 0000000000000000 606a204b0f2aab9c7762557547f3ea05
---------------- ---------------- --------------------------------
   "Salted__"          Salt           Cipher blocks

C:\herong>\local\gnuwin32\bin\openssl enc -bf-cbc -d \
   -pass pass:MySecret -in cipher.txt -out decrypted.txt -nopad -p
iv =6FF60FCD91D7F34E

C:\herong>perl -e "while (read(STDIN,$_,1)){print unpack('H*',$_);}" \
   < decrypted.txt

The output confirms that:

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