What Is Western Zodiac

This section describes what is Western zodiac.

Zodiac is used mostly in Western astrology and Indian astrology. Zodiac is a circle of twelve signs associated to twelve sections that lie along the ecliptic, which can be viewed as the path of the Sun on the celestial sphere. The term zodiac could be borrowed from a Greek word meaning "circle of little animals", or from a Sanskrit word meaning "a path" through which the run travels.

The Sun travels through one zodiac sign each month. But the beginning date of each sign is not aligned to the first day of any calendar month. The list below provides you the calendar dates when the Sun enters and leaves each zodiac sign:

Zodiac Sign   Start           End

Aries         March 21        April 19
Taurus        April 20        May 20
Gemini        May 21          June 21 
Cancer        June 22         July 22 
Leo           July 23         August 22 
Virgo         August 23       September 22 
Libra         September 23    October 22 
Scorpio       October 23      November 21 
Sagittarius   November 22     December 21 
Capricorn     December 22     January 19 
Aquarius      January 20      February 18 
Pisces        February 19     March 20 

The best illustration of Western Zodiac signs and the Sun's yearly traveling path is the following picture:

Western Zodiac Signs and Sun's Path
Western Zodiac Signs and Sun's Path

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