Introduction to Western Zodiac Signs

This chapter provides brief introduction to Western Zodiac Signs.

What Is Western Zodiac

Zodiac Signs and Zodiac Constellations

Zodiac Coordinate Systems - Starting Points

Aries, The Ram, The First Zodiac Sign

Taurus - The Bull, The Second Zodiac Sign

Gemini - The Twins, The Third Zodiac Sign

Cancer - The Crab, The Fourth Zodiac Sign

Leo - The Lion, The Fifth Zodiac Sign

Virgo - The Virgin, The Sixth Zodiac Sign

Libra - The Balance, The Seventh Zodiac Sign

Scorpio - The Scorpion, The Eighth Zodiac Sign

Sagittarius - The Archer, The Ninth Zodiac Sign

Capricorn - The Goat, The Tenth Zodiac Sign

Aquarius - The Water Bearer, The Eleventh Zodiac Sign

Pisces - The Fish, The Twelfth Zodiac Sign

Table of Contents

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Introduction to Western Zodiac Signs

 Horoscope and Horoscopic Astrology

 Horoscope and Planets

 Chinese Astrology and Horoscope

 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs


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