Western Astrology

This section describes what is Western astrology.

The main part of Western astrology is Western horoscopic astrology, which uses the celestial bodies relative positions of an exact moment in time, such as a person's birth time, to understand and interpret human affairs, such as a person's personality.

Most western astrologers uses only Sun's position at the time of a person's birth to predict his or her personality. In order to measure Sun's position, the zodiac circle on the celestial sphere is divided into 12 zones, with 12 different zodiac signs assigned to them. A person's sun sign is determined by the zodiac sign where the Sun is located at the person's birth time. A person's personality can be predicted by his or her sun sign. This is called sun sign astrology.

12 zodiac signs used sun sign astrology are:

The picture below shows you how a Website uses an astrology section to provide guidance on what might occur in a day in relation to the sign of the zodiac that included the sun when the person was born:

Sun Sign Astrology Web Page Section
Sun Sign Astrology Web Page Section

Some Western astrologers many more celestial elements in their practices. For example:

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