Solar Terms Used in Chinese Calendar

This section describes solar terms are used in Chinese calendar.

In addition to the lunar months, Chinese calendar uses 24 solar terms, 节气 (Jieqi), to follow the seasons of the solar year.

24 solar terms are equally spaced along the ecliptic circle. The first term is defined as the day when the Sun reaches longitude of 315 degrees.

Here is the list 24 solar terms and their definitions:

Long.   Date     Name               English Name

315     Feb. 4   立春 Lichun        Beginning of Spring
330     Feb.19   雨水 Yushui        Rain Water
345     Mar. 6   惊蛰 Jingzhi       Waking of Insects
  0     Mar.21   春分 Chunfen       Spring Equinox
 15     Apr. 5   清明 Qingming      Pure Brightness
 30     Apr.20   谷雨 Guyu          Grain Rain
 45     May  6   立夏 Lixia         Beginning of Summer
 60     May 21   夏满 Xiaoman       Grain Full
 75     Jun. 6   芒种 Mangzhong     Grain in Ear
 90     Jun.22   夏至 Xiazhi        Summer Solstice
105     Jul. 7   小暑 Xiaoshu       Slight Heat
120     Jul.23   大暑 Dashu         Great Heat
135     Aug. 8   立秋 Liqiu         Beginning of Autumn
150     Aug.23   处暑 Chushu        Limit of Heat
165     Sep. 8   白露 Bailu         White Dew
180     Sep.23   秋分 Qiufen        Autumnal Equinox
195     Oct. 8   寒露 Hanlu         Cold Dew
210     Oct.24   霜降 Shuangjiang   Descent of Frost
225     Nov. 8   立冬 Lidong        Beginning of Winter
240     Nov.22   小雪 Xiaoxue       Slight Snow
255     Dec. 7   大雪 Daxue         Great Snow
270     Dec.22   冬至 Dongzhi       Winter Solstice
285     Jan. 6   小寒 Xiaohan       Slight Cold
300     Jan.20   大寒 Dahan         Great Cold

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