The Sheep - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

This section discuss about the Sheep, the eighth Chinese zodiac animal sign.

The Sheep (羊, 未) is the eighth Chinese zodiac animal sign associated with unusual, strange, bizarre, seeker of the exotic, lover of culture, sociable, mannered, polite, taste for sexy, traveler, explorer, adventurer.

Detailed attributes of the Sheep listed on

The Sheep, Goat, or Ram is thought to be the most artistic sign of the zodiac, and has a great sense of fashion. A person with this zodiac sign prefers artistic professions.

These people are considerate creatures - they think before acting and they try not to hurt anyone's feelings. If they cause unforeseen problem, it is likely that they will step forward to remedy the situation. This side of their character helps them to maintain a healthy social life as well as enables them to deal with life's ups and downs.

Sympathy is very important to these people as is the approval of people whom they respect. However, they sometimes require too much attention and impose too much on those who are close to them.

Here is a nice logo for the Sheep:

The Sheep - Chinese Zodiac
The Sheep - Chinese Zodiac

You are a Sheep, if you were born in the year of the Sheep between the following dates:

13-Feb-1907 and 01-Feb-1908
01-Feb-1919 and 19-Feb-1920
17-Feb-1931 and 05-Feb-1932
05-Feb-1943 and 24-Jan-1944
24-Jan-1955 and 11-Feb-1956
09-Feb-1967 and 29-Jan-1968
28-Jan-1979 and 15-Feb-1980
15-Feb-1991 and 03-Feb-1992
01-Feb-2003 and 21-Jan-2004
19-Feb-2015 and 07-Feb-2016
06-Feb-2027 and 25-Jan-2028
24-Jan-2039 and 11-Feb-2040
11-Feb-2051 and 31-Jan-2052
29-Jan-2063 and 16-Feb-2064
15-Feb-2075 and 04-Feb-2076
03-Feb-2087 and 23-Jan-2088
21-Jan-2099 and 08-Feb-2100

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