The Dog - Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

This section discuss about the Dog, the eleventh Chinese zodiac animal sign.

The Dog (狗, 戌) is the eleventh Chinese zodiac animal sign associated with loving, caring, loyal, nurturing, non-judgmental, forgiving, seeker of peace and harmony, startled by conflict confrontation, the friend of all friends.

Detailed attributes of the Dog listed on

Like his animal namesake, he is Loyal with a capital "L". He is the one who people are most likely to turn to when they need help. The dog person will come through every time. That is because he/she is sensitive to others and empathizes with them, particularly if someone has suffered an injustice; he/she reacts quickly with the same feeling as though he/she had been personally offended. Friends know that they can rely upon their Dog friend to keep a promise or remain cool in a crisis.

Dog types are honest, intelligent and straightforward. They will take on any responsibility that is given to them and you can be sure that they will do their job well.

People born in this year tend to be difficult, upset and shocked more often than the other signs.

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The Dog - Chinese Zodiac
The Dog - Chinese Zodiac

You are a Dog, if you were born in the year of the Dog between the following dates:

10-Feb-1910 and 29-Jan-1911
28-Jan-1922 and 15-Feb-1923
14-Feb-1934 and 03-Feb-1935
02-Feb-1946 and 21-Jan-1947
18-Feb-1958 and 07-Feb-1959
06-Feb-1970 and 26-Jan-1971
25-Jan-1982 and 12-Feb-1983
10-Feb-1994 and 30-Jan-1995
29-Jan-2006 and 17-Feb-2007
16-Feb-2018 and 04-Feb-2019
03-Feb-2030 and 22-Jan-2031
22-Jan-2042 and 09-Feb-2043
08-Feb-2054 and 27-Jan-2055
26-Jan-2066 and 13-Feb-2067
12-Feb-2078 and 01-Feb-2079
30-Jan-2090 and 17-Feb-2091

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