Horoscope Moon and Other Planet Signs

This section provides introduction of planet zodiac signs: the Moon sign, the Mercury sign, the Venue sign, the Mars sign, and more.

The Moon sign is defined as the zodiac sign where the moon is positioned at the time and place of the event (individual's birth) to be charted.

Signs of other planets, like Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are defined similar to the Moon.

The North Node is an interesting horoscope element. The North Node is defined as the intersection point of the moon's orbit coming from the south side to the north side. Of course, the North Node sign will be the zodiac sign where the North Node is positioned at the time and the place of the event (individual's birth) to be charted.

There is no simple table that we can lookup the zodiac sign of the Moon based a given date and time. But there are Websites that provide you online calculators allowing you to calculate the Moon sign for any given date and time. One good example is http://lunarium.co.uk/sign.php.

Calculate zodiac signs of other planets also require astrology calculators. I haven't found any online calculators for planet signs yet. But there are online horoscope chart generators that will also calculate planet signs for you. The following example is calculated by http://alabe.com/freechart/ for John Doe who was born at May 30, 2000, 12:00 PM, in Jakarta:

Sun is in 09 Degrees Gemini. 
Rising Sign is in 07 Degrees Virgo 
Moon is in 24 Degrees Aries. 
Mercury is in 00 Degrees Cancer. 
Venus is in 05 Degrees Gemini. 
Mars is in 18 Degrees Gemini. 
Jupiter is in 23 Degrees Taurus. 
Saturn is in 22 Degrees Taurus. 
Uranus is in 20 Degrees Aquarius. 
Neptune is in 06 Degrees Aquarius. 
Pluto is in 11 Degrees Sagittarius. 
North Node is in 25 Degrees Cancer. 

Here is John's birth chart with all planet signs:

Horoscope Chart, or Natal Chart
Horoscope Chart, or Natal Chart

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