Introduction of Activity Lifecycle

This section describes the class which represents an activity you allow the user to interact with on the screen. An activity has 4 states: Active, Paused, Stopped and Destroyed.

In the last chapter, we learned how to access the Android application environment information using the java.lang.System and android.os.Environment classes. Now let's take a closer look at the starting class of our simple applications created so far:

The class represents an activity you allow the user to interact with on the screen. The class takes care of creating an empty window for you to place visual content using the setContentView() method.

An Activity object has four states:

Android reference document provides the following diagram to illustrate the lifecycle of an Activity object:
Android Application Activity Object Lifecyle

The entire lifecycle of Activity object is divided into 3 nested lifetime periods:

See next tutorials on you can add code logics when the activity entering or leaving a lifetime period.

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