ActivityLog Test - Activity Terminated by User

This section provides a tutorial example on how to test activity lifecycle with the ActivityLog application in case user terminates the activity by clicking the return icon.

ActivityLog Test #1 - Run ActivityLog and terminate it immediately.

1. Click on the application icon on the emulator's home screen. "ActivityLog" is listed in the application list.

2. Click on "ActivityLog" to start the application. Message "Activity created" is displayed on the screen.

3. Click on the "return" button on the emulator control panel. The application list is displayed again.

4. Run "adb shell" to view the log file:

# cat Activity.log
cat Activity.log
Sun Mar 01 19:03:56 2015: Checkpoint #1 - onCreate() called
Sun Mar 01 19:03:56 2015: Checkpoint #2 - onStart() called
Sun Mar 01 19:03:57 2015: Checkpoint #3 - onResume() called
Sun Mar 01 19:03:58 2015: Checkpoint #4 - onPause() called
Sun Mar 01 19:04:00 2015: Checkpoint #5 - onStop() called
Sun Mar 01 19:04:00 2015: Checkpoint #6b - onDestroyed() called


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