Basics of Astrology and Astronomy

This book is a collection of my personal notes on astrology and horoscope. Topics include Western, Indian (Jyotisha), and Chinese astrology, the celestial sphere, the ecliptic, zodiac signs, horoscope, Sun sign, Moon sign, Chinese astrology, eight words and zodiac animals.

What Is Astronomy

The Solar System

The Celestial Sphere

The Celestial Sphere Coordinate System

The Celestial Meridian and Zenith

The Ecliptic

The Precession - Rotation of Earth's Axis

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Quick Introduction to Astrology

Basics of Astrology and Astronomy



 Introduction to Western Zodiac Signs

 Horoscope and Horoscopic Astrology

 Horoscope and Planets

 Chinese Astrology and Horoscope

 Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs


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