What Is "float" Formatting Object?

This section describes 'float' formatting object, which is a wrapper of blocks to be floated into the headnote region or shifted to a specific side.

What Is "float" Formatting Object? "float" is a block-level formatting object that wraps blocks into a bigger block to be floated to one side of the parent area. Its content is limited to a sequence of blocks only.

A "float" formatting object has one main attribute called 'float', which supports 8 values: before, start, end, left, right, inside, outside and none. "float" formatting object behaves in 3 ways depending the 'float' attribute value:

1. float="none" - The output block area is a none-float, which will stay in the block stacking flow. The is no floating at all.

2. float="before" - The output block area is a before-float, which will be floated out of the block stacking flow and placed into the conditional sub-region "xsl-before-float" located near the "before" edge of the page.

3. float="start|left|end|right|inside|outside" - The output block area is a side-float, which will be floated out of the block stacking flow and shifted to a side edge of the parent area. Subsequent sibling blocks will be flowing around the floated area.

Note that "float" formatting objects do not support margin, border and padding.

See next sections for "float" formatting object examples.

Last update: 2016.

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What Is "float" Formatting Object?

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