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Installing WMHelp XMLPad Pro

This section describes what is XMLPad and how to install and run XMLPad.

What is XMLPad? XMLPad is a freeware XML editor with ability to edit XML, DTD, XSD, and other XML related documents. XMLPad also perform DTD validation, XML Schema (XSD) validation, XSLT transformation.

The current version XMLPad Pro 3.0 has the following nice features:

  • XML Schema full support.
  • New and improved look & feel.
  • Project system with CVS support.
  • XML Schema editor with color syntax highlighting, line numbers, element range navigation, and context-dependent source assistant wizard.
  • Preview and printing XML Schema in graphical diagram window. The diagram is synchronized with XML Schema editor.
  • XML Schema documentation generation (ws3p.xsl) with diagram images.
  • XML Schema validation and XML files validation against the underlying XML Schemas.
  • Very big schemas (such as uccnet or xCBL35) use XML Schema binary cache in their implementation that mitigated performance issues in validation and analysis. Every schema used in validation is compiled in binary format on first use and later could be loaded from cache.
  • Generation of XML samples from XML schema or a sample of XML Schema from XML file. Converting XSD to DTD and DTD to XSD.
  • Schema component renaming (refactoring), navigation between schema components (Goto definition/Goto reference) and navigation from XML data to appropriate schema component.
  • Regular expression builder and enumeration builder.
  • Schema-aware XSLT editor and debugger with Active script support.
  • Support for JAXB and Castor binding.
  • HTML & DBF import.

Here is what I did to install WMHelp XMLPad Pro 3:

1. Go to http://www.wmhelp.com/, and download XMLPad3. The download file, XmlPad3.zip, is 10,570,670 bytes.

2. Save the downloaded file, XmlPad3.zip, to \temp directory.

3. Unzip, XmlPad3.zip. The setup file, setup.exe, shows up as \temp\setup.exe.

4. Double click \temp\setup.exe. The installation wizard shows up.

5. Follow the instruction provided by the wizard to finish the installation.

6. Run XMLPad from Start > All Programs > WMHelp XMLPad > XMLPad. The XMLPad main window shows up:
XMLPad - Main Window

Last update: 2013.

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Introduction to XML Schema

XML Editor and Schema Processor - XMLPad

Installing WMHelp XMLPad Pro

 Creating and Editing XML Documents

 Creating and Editing XML Schema Documents

 Assigning XML Schema to XML Documents

 Validating XML Documents with Assigned XSD

 Validating Non-Conforming XML Documents

 XMLPad Crash When Validating Non-Conforming XML Documents

 Generating XML Schema Diagrams

 Generating XML Schema Documentations

 Java API for XML Processing - JAXP

 JAXP - XML Schema (XSD) Validation

 Xerces2 Java Parser - Java API of XML Parsers

 Using Xerces2 Java API

 XML Schema Language - Basics

 Introduction of XSD Built-in Datatypes

 "string" and Its Derived Datatypes

 "decimal" and Its Derived Datatypes

 "dateTime" and Its Related Datatypes

 Miscellaneous Built-in Datatypes

 Facets, Constraining Facets and Restriction Datatypes

 "simpleType" - Defining Your Own Simple Datatypes

 Complex Element Declaration

 Identity-Constraints: unique, key and keyref

 Assertion as Custom Validation Rules

 XML Schema Location and Namespace in XML Documents

 Overriding Element Types in XML Documents

 Linking Multiple Schema Documents Together



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