Using XML Signature and Encryption with WSS

This section describes XML Signature and XML Encryption specifications developed by W3C, which are used with WS-Security (WSS) to provide SOAP message integrity and confidentiality.

Using only WS-Security 1.1.1 standard and security token profile specifications presented in the previous section can help us to pass security information in the SOAP header to authenticate the web service sender.

If we want to enhance to SOAP messaging to provide message integrity and confidentiality by sign and encrypt SOAP messages, we need to two additional specifications developed by W3C:

So in order to achieve Web service security with SOAP messages, we need to learn 3 layers of specifications to build SOAP request and response XML messages:
Speficiations for SOAP Message Security

The following picture shows an example of SOAP request XML structure showing XML elements and attributes from all three specification layers:
SOAP Message Structure with Security Elements

Last update: 2014.

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Using XML Signature and Encryption with WSS

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