Perl SOAP::Lite - SOAP Server-Client Communication Module

This chapter provides tutorial examples and notes on the SOAP::Lite module. Topics include SOAP introduction; features of SOAP::Lite module; SOAP server example with SOAP::Transport::TCP; SOAP client example; SOAP::Lite tracing functions.

What Is SOAP?

What Is SOAP::Lite?

SOAP::Transport::TCP::Server - SOAP Server with TCP Protocol - SOAP Client Example with TCP Protocol

SOAP::Lite Tracing Functions

SOAP::Transport::HTTP - SOAP Server with HTTP Protocol


Table of Contents

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 Introduction to Web Service

 Introduction to SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

 SOAP Message Structure

 SOAP Message Transmission and Processing

 SOAP Data Model

 SOAP Encoding

 SOAP RPC Presentation

 SOAP Properties Model

 SOAP Message Exchange Patterns

 SOAP HTTP Binding

 SOAP Perl Implementations

 SOAP PHP Implementations

 SOAP Java Implementations

Perl SOAP::Lite - SOAP Server-Client Communication Module

 Perl Socket Test Program for HTTP and SOAP

 Perl SOAP::Lite for GetSpeech SOAP 1.1 Web Service

 Perl SOAP::Lite 0.710 for SOAP 1.2 Web Services

 Perl SOAP::Lite 0.710 for WSDL

 PHP SOAP Extension Client Programs

 PHP SOAP Extension Server Programs

 Java Socket and HttpURLConnection for SOAP

 SAAJ - SOAP with Attachments API for Java

 SoapUI - SOAP Web Service Testing Tool

 WS-Security - SOAP Message Security Extension

 WS-Security X.509 Certificate Token

 Web Services and SOAP Terminology


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