What Is Minkowski Diagram?

This section provides an introduction of Minkowski diagram, which represents the Lorentz Transformation overlaying a moving frame into a stationary frame.

What Is Minkowski Diagram? Minkowski diagram is a spacetime diagram that overlays a moving frame into a stationary frame to represent Lorentz Transformation in a geometric model.

Using the same thought experiment in the previous section as an example, the Minkowski diagram from Bob's point of view can constructed as below:

For a given event E=(X,cT), the (X',cT') coordinates calculated by the Lorentz Transformation can be read from the Minkowski diagram geometrically:

For example, assuming the train is moving at the speed of 0.6*c, an event E at (X,cT)=(5.5,6.5) on Bob's light cone would be observed by Bob in Amy's frame as (X',cT')=(2,4) based on Lorentz transformation.

The following picture shows a Minkowski diagram of the above example produced by the interactive Minkowski diagram tool at http://www.trell.org/div/minkowski.html:

Minkowski Diagram for beta = 0.6
Minkowski Diagram for beta = 0.6

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What Is Minkowski Diagram?

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