Most Popular Certificate Authorities

This section provides a list of most popular certificate authorities.

Based on the Website monitoring report provided, top 12 CA (Certificate Authorities) in 2018 are:

CA               Share

IdenTrust        45.5%
Comodo           31.3%
DigiCert Group   11.0%
GoDaddy Group     6.9%
GlobalSign        3.1%
Certum            0.8%
Actalis           0.4%
Entrust           0.3%
Secom Trust       0.3%
Let's Encrypt     0.2%
Trustwave         0.1%
WISeKey Group     0.1%

Based on a research report from, top 30 certificate authorities in 2009 were:

 Share   Group                Certificate Authority

21.17%   Go Daddy   , Inc.
12.79%   VeriSign             Equifax Secure Inc.
11.19%   VeriSign             Thawte Consulting cc
10.58%   Comodo               UTN-USERFirst-Hardware
 8.23%   VeriSign             VeriSign, Inc.
 7.80%   VeriSign             Equifax
 6.38%   VeriSign             VeriSign Trust Network
 3.37%   Comodo               Comodo CA Limited
 2.55%   Network  Solutions   Network Solutions L.L.C.
 2.25%   Go Daddy             Starfield Technologies, Inc.
 1.57%                        DigiCert Inc
 1.24%   GlobalSign           GlobalSign nv-sa
 0.67%                        Cybertrust
 0.63%   AmbironTrustWave     SecureTrust Corporation
 0.60%   VeriSign             Thawte Consulting (Pty) Ltd.
 0.56%                        Root CA
 0.55%                        IPS Certification Authority s.l.
 0.47%   Comodo               Secure Business Services, Inc.
 0.42%   VeriSign             RSA Data Security, Inc.
 0.34%                        Betrusted Japan Co., Ltd.
 0.33%                        StartCom Ltd.
 0.30%                        SECOM
 0.27%   GlobalSign           Alpha
 0.25%   GlobalSign           GlobalSign
 0.24%                        TC TrustCenter for Security in Data ...
 0.23%                        CAcert Inc.
 0.20%   Comodo               Comodo Limited
 0.19%                        T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH
 0.19%                        U.S. Government
 3.11%                        (Others)

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