Signing a CSR into a Certificate

This section provides a tutorial example on how to sign a CSR (Certificate Sign Request) into a certificate using OpenSSL 'x509' command.

This time, I am truly ready to sign Amy's CSR into a personal certificate using the OpenSSL "x509" command:

C:\herong>\local\gnuwin32\bin\openssl x509 -req -in amy_xyz_com.csr 
   -CAkey herong_key.pem -CA herongyang_com.crt -out amy_xyz_com.crt 
   -days 365 -set_serial 123

Loading 'screen' into random state - done
Signature ok
Getting CA Private Key
Enter pass phrase for herong_key.pem: HerongKey

I think Amy's certificate is ready:

C:\herong>type amy_xyz_com.crt


To view what's in Amy's certificate:

C:\herong>\local\gnuwin32\bin\openssl x509 -in amy_xyz_com.crt -noout 

    Version: 1 (0x0)
    Serial Number: 123 (0x7b)
    Signature Algorithm: dsaWithSHA1
    Subject: C=Unknown, ST=Unknown, L=Unknown, O=Unknown, OU=Unknown,
    Subject Public Key Info:
      Public Key Algorithm: dsaEncryption
      DSA Public Key:
  Signature Algorithm: dsaWithSHA1

What's next is to send Amy's certificate to I should also send her my certificate and certificate, so that certificate can be validated in a certificate chain.

Congratulations, we have successfully completed all steps of issuing a Class 1 personal certificate to!

Last update: 2011.

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