What Is Object-Oriented Programming

This section describes what is Object-Oriented Programming.

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming paradigm based on the concept of "objects".

An object has two types of members:

H language is a hybrid language that supports both Procedural Programming paradigm and Object-Oriented Programming paradigm

One of the design objective of H language is that all data entities in H language are object properties, and all functions are object methods.

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 Introduction of H Language


 Data Types




 "boolean" Data Type

 "integer" Data Type

 "string" Data Type

 "real" Data Type

 "array" Data Type

 Source Code Packages

 Classes and Objects

Object Oriented Programming

What Is Object-Oriented Programming

 Objects Are Created from Classes

 Literal Is Special Form of Object Creation

 Dot (.) Expression to Access Object Members

 Update Object with Object Methods

 Inheritance - Object Attachments

 Encapsulation - Private Members


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