".cshrc" - C Shell Script File and

This section provides an example of .cshrc file, a C shell script file that gets executed automatically each time the C shell is started.

The C shell supports an initialization script file, named as ".cshrc", in your home directory.

# Example of a .cshrc script file.
   echo "Running .cshrc ..."
   set path = ( $path /local/bin ~/bin )   # Search for my commands

# Setting aliases
   alias cd            'cd \!*;echo $cwd'
   alias cp            'cp -i'
   alias copy          'cp -i'
   alias mv            'mv -i'
   alias ren           'mv -i'
   alias rm            'rm -i'
   alias del           'rm -i'
   alias where         'echo $cwd'

# Skipping remaining script if this is not an interactive shell
   if ( $?USER == 0 || $?prompt == 0 ) exit

# Settings for interactive shells
   set history = 40  # Saving the last 40 commands in a buffer
   set histsave = 40 # Saving the last 40 commands in .history
   set ignoreeof     # Do not log me out if I hit ^D (EOF key)
   set filec         # Provide me filename completion when hit ESC
   set noclober      # Don't overwrite an existing file
   set mail = ( /usr/spool/mail/herong )
                     # Watch my mail box everay 5 minutes

# Other aliases for interactive shells
   alias dir         'ls -al | more'
   alias list        cat
   alias type        more
   alias .           'echo $cwd'
   alias ..          'cd ..'
   alias help        man

# Changing the terminal type
   if ( $term == "network" ) then
      set term = vt100

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".cshrc" - C Shell Script File and

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