C Shell Command Line

This section provides a quick introduction of C shell command line.

The C shell is really a command line interface that takes a command line entered by the user on the standard input, execute the command, and returns command result on the standard output.

A command line consists of a list of strings or words. The first word is called the command name. Other words of the command line are called command arguments.

A number of interesting features are supported on the C shell command line. Those features are applied in the following order before the command line gets executed:

After a command line is passed through above substitutions, it will be executed in different ways based on the command name, the first word of the command line:

Examples of C shell command lines:

%set java home=/usr/local/lib/jdk1.1.1

%/bin/echo $java home

%/echo $java home

herong     tty1     Jul 21 21:36
tom        tty2     Jul 21 18:15

dothis: Command not found.

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