750 - Yang Guan San Die (阳关三叠) - Adios at Yangguan

Yang Guan San Die (阳关三叠) - Adios at Yangguan, Lyre music (古琴曲), composed by Chen Li-Ang (陈立昂) in the Tang Dynasty (唐代).

Tang Dynasty - Yang Guan San Die (阳关三叠) - Adios at Yangguan
Tang Dynasty - Yang Guan San Die (阳关三叠) - Adios at Yangguan
Year: 618 - 907, Tang Dynasty (唐代)
Title: Yang Guan San Die (阳关三叠) - Adios at Yangguan
Composer: Chen Li-Ang (陈立昂)
Genre: Lyre music (古琴)

"Adios at Yangguan" is a piece of music played with lyre according to a poem written by Wang Wei, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). Wang Wei wrote the poem when he saw off a friend to serve in army at Weicheng, a small town in Yangguan neighboring the border.

The poem goes like this: "In the central town Weicheng, it rains lightly in the morning. All the houses and willows look fresh after the rain. I suggest you have another cup of wine, as soon as you go out of the Yangguan Pass, there are no friends." Instrument players made it a see-off song based on the poem. Even today, some people usually sing this song when they see off friends.

《阳关三叠》是一首感人至深的古曲,也是我国古代音乐作品中难得的精品,千百 年来被人们广为传唱,有着旺盛的艺术生命力。这首乐曲产生于唐代,是根据著名 诗人、音乐家王维的名篇《送元二使安西》谱写而成的。因为诗中有“渭城”、 “阳关”等地名,所以,又名《渭城曲》、《阳关曲》。



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