219 - Guang Ling San (广陵散) - Guangling Melody

Guang Ling San (广陵散) - Guangling Melody, lyre music (古琴曲), Emerged, at least, in the Han Dynasty before 220.

219 - Guang Ling San (广陵散) - Guangling Melody
219 - Guang Ling San (广陵散) - Guangling Melody
Year: 219 (汉代)
Title: Guang Ling San (广陵散) - Guangling Melody
Composer: ?
Performer: Xi Kang (嵇康)
Genre: Lyre music (古琴曲)

Listed as one of ten best ancient Chinese music pieces, "Guangling Melody" was a piece of lyre music originated from the Han Dynasty. The content of "Guangling Melody" came from the lyre melody "Nie Zheng Assassinating King of Han", which mainly described a solemn story that Nie Zheng, son of a swordsmith in the Warring States Period, committed suicide after stabbing the king of Han in order to avenge his father. The main body of this music focuses on the change of Nie Zheng's emotion from hate to indignation, which profoundly portrays his unyielding willpower to avenge regardless of violence.

《广陵散》,又名《广陵止息》,是中国著名十大古曲之一。它至少在汉代已经出 现。其内容向来说法不一,但一般的看法是将它与《聂政刺韩王》琴曲联系起来。 《聂政刺韩王》主要是描写战国时代铸剑工匠之子聂政为报杀父之仇,刺死韩王, 然后自杀的悲壮故事。

三国时代,竹林七贤之一的嵇康因为得罪大将军钟会,被司马昭赐死,临行刑前曾 弹奏此曲,并于曲终曰:“袁孝尼尝请学此散,吾靳固不与,《广陵散》于今绝矣 !”

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