Downloading and Installing vStrip

This section provides a tutorial on how to download and install vStrip for DVD video file processing.

"mpgtx" mpgtx a command line MPEG audio/video/system file toolbox, that slices and joins audio and video files, including MPEG1, MPEG2 and MP3. Here is what I did to download and install it:

1. Go to

2. Click the menu link "Download". Then click the Windows Exe:

3. Unzip the downloaded file to get mpgtx.exe and move it to C:\local\bin\mpgtx.exe.

4. Run "mpgtx" with the "-help" option to obtain usage information:

C:\temp>\local\bin\mpgtx -help
mpgtx : manipulate mpeg files
Usage    : mpgtx [command] [options] [mpegfile [mpegfile | range]...

Commands :
-i         print infos about following files.
-s         split following files according to the specified ranges.
-j         join  following files (ranges may be specified).
-d         demultiplex elementary streams from following file
-T         modify id3 tag.
-h         print this help screen.
-v         print version informations.
-#         where # is a number, split the following file in #.

Options  :
-N         Do not print out excessive information while processing
           If you use MacOS Classic, this is RECOMMENDED
           Otherwise mpgtx will be dead slow!
-f         force overwriting of files, don't ask for confirmation
-P         keep headers of mpegs which sometimes is usefull
-X         Try to search for a valid PACK header in the whole file
           This may result in an endless loop if not successfull!
-An        While joining or splitting, aspect ratio will be forced
           to: n=1 -> 1:1, n=2 -> 4:3, n=3 -> 16:9, n=4 -> 2.21:1
           All Numbers from 0 - 16 will be accepted but the above 
           are vaid!
-b NAME    set the basename for the output files
-o FILE    set the output file name (join implied)
           if FILE is - , standard output will be used
--force    force joining of incompatible files
--no-parachute  don't try to catch SIGSEGV (usefull for debugging)

Ranges   :
Ranges must follow an mpeg file
[a-b]       from 'a' inclusive to 'b' inclusive. If you want half 
            ranges, you may want to use ]a-b], [a-b[ or ]a-b[ instead
[num/total] the 'num' part if the mpeg file was split in 'total'.
            [1/4] would result in the first quarter of the mpeg file.
{a-b-...}   where 'a', 'b', ... are in ascending order. Split the 
            file at given values. {700M} is therefore equivalent to 
            ranges [-700M] ]700M-]

Values   :
  Values can be time or offsets in the mpeg file
  Time Format     HH:MM:SS where the HH: part can be omited
  Offset Format   a number optionally followed by:
                    M : offset is in Megabytes
                    k : offset is in Kilobytes
  An empty value means the corresponding file boundary:
                  [-10M]  the first 10 Megabytes of file
                  [500M-] from 500 Megabytes to the end of file

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 TOC (Table Of Contents) on CDs

 IsoBuster - A Nice CD GUI Tool

 MPlayer - The Movie Player

 vStrip - Rip and Manipulate DVD VOB Files

mpgtx - Manipulating MPEG Files

Downloading and Installing vStrip

 Printing MPEG Encoding Information with mpgtx

 Printing MP3 Encoding Information with mpgtx

 Slicing MPEG Files by Play Time Ranges with mpgtx

 Demuxing (Demultiplexing) MPEG Files with mpgtx

 Splitting/Joining MPEG Files with mpgtx

 CD/DVD - File Name Extension and Format Types


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