Converting MP3 to WAV

This section describes how to install mp3-2-wav to convert MP3 files to WAV files.

WAV is another audio file format designed to store uncompressed audio data. If you need to convert audio data from MP3 format to WAV format, called MP3 decoding, you can use an audio data conversion software. I tried a freeware mp3-2-wav. It worked nicely.

1. Go to

2. Click link "download here!". Then follow the instruction on the download page to download mp3-2-wav. Save the downloaded file to C:\temp\

3. Unzip It will generate C:\temp\mp32wav.exe. Run mp32wav.exe to install mp3-2-wav.

4. Click Start > All Programs > MP3 File Converter > mp3-2-wav converter. mp3-2-wav window shows up.

5. Click START button. The open file dialog box shows up.

6. Select C:\temp\mp3\02-Track 2.mp3. mp3-2-wav displays the output directory selection dialog box.

7. Select C:\temp\mp3 as the output directory. mp3-2-wav starts the conversion process:

mp3-2-wav Converter
mp3-2-wav Converter

8. The converted file is located at C:\temp\mp3\02-Track 2.wav. Double click the file to play the converted sound track with Windows Media Player.

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