bitcoin-qt - Debug Window

This section describes how to use the debug window on Bitcoin-Qt - Bitcoin Core GUI

If you want to see debug information on your local Bitcoin Core peer server, you can go the debug window on Bitcoin-Qt - Bitcoin Core GUI

Click "Help > Debug window". You should see the "Debug window" with the following summary:

Client version            v0.15.1
 User agent               /Satoshi:0.15.1/
 Using BerkeleyDB version Berkeley DB 4.8.30: (Aril 9, 2010)
Datadir                   C:\Users\herong\AppData\Roaming\Bitcoin\testnet3
Dataup time               Sun Feb 11 17:52:40 2018

Name                      Test 
Number of connections     7 (In:0 / Out:7)

Block chain
Current number of blocks  285904
Last block time           Thu Oct 2 11:05:30 2014

Memory Pool
Current number of transactions 0
Memory usage              0.00 KB

Click "Peers" tab. You should see a list of connections with my neighbor peer servers.

Click the first peer. You should see connection details displayed on the right.

bitcoinbitcoin-qt - Debug Window
bitcoin-qt - Debug Window

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bitcoin-qt - Debug Window

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