bitcoin-qt - Debug Window Console

This section describes how to use the debug window console on Bitcoin-Qt - Bitcoin Core GUI

BitcoinQt, Bitcoin Core GUI, also provides us a debug console window to run bitcoin-cli commands.

Click "Help > Debug window". You should see the "Debug window".

Click "Console" tab. You should see the console screen where you can enter bitcoin-cli commands.

Try some commands as shown below:

Welcome to the Bitcoin Core RPC console.
Use up and down arrows to navigate history, and Ctrl-L to clear screen.
Type help for an overview of available commands.
WARNING: Scammers have been active, telling users to type commands here, 
stealing their wallet contents. Do not use this console without fully 
understanding the ramifications of a command.





>dumpprivkey mp6mKbgWE25PyyX63zJ8SRibrKugHMkJDE
Error: Please enter the wallet passphrase with walletpassphrase first. 
(code -13)

Good protection here. Private keys should not displayed easily on the screen. You should dump the private key for each your address that has a unspent fund with the bitcoin-cli command and keep it in another password protected file.

bitcoinbitcoin-qt - Debug Window Console
bitcoin-qt - Debug Window Console

Last update: 2017.

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bitcoin-qt - Debug Window Console

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