Running Services - Background Processes

This section provides a tutorial example on how to review running services, or background processes, on my Android mini tablet. Those background processes are started automatically and running all the time.

Since Android is a multi-tasking system, let's see what are currently running on my tablet.

Tap on "Settings", "Application Manager", then "Running". I see a long list of items displayed:

Settings                           37.0MB
Factory Test                        1.1MB
Software update                     4.9MB
MTP application                     1.4MB
com.marvell.powergadget             1.9MB
SmartcardService                    0.9MB
Weather Daemon                      3.1MB
Google Play service                20.0MB
Media                               3.3MB
Group Play                          0.8MB
S Voice                             3.5MB
PageBuddyNoticSvc                   0.7MB        1.2MB 8.8MB
Samsung keyboard                    8.1MB

RAM 425MB used, 408MB free

It seems to me that only background apps are listed here. The running Android system and running foreground apps are not listed and they are using about 328MB, The total RAM used by background apps is about 97MB, and the total RAM used is 425MB. The difference is 328MB.

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