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Java Compilation and Execution Processes
This section provides a quick introduction of Java compilation and execution process.
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💬 2015-11-28 Herong: Naveen, you are welcome! If you have other questions/problems, post them here. We will be happy to help you out. ☺

💬 2015-11-28 Naveen Kumar: This helps me to understand many problem that I've faced. Thanks for it.........

HttpsHello.java - HTTPS Server Test Program
This section provides a tutorial example on how to write a HTTPS server test program, HttpsHello.java. It writes back a simple Web page using the HTTPS protocol.
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💬 2015-11-28 Herong: Mike, the "String m = r.readLine();" statement is to read the first line of the request from the client side. It delays the...

💬 2015-11-28 Mike: What does String m = r.readLine(); do? It is not used in the code you posted. Great sample code by the way. P.s.: you could add...

💬 2015-10-30 Herong: Dejan, no need to use absolute path. But the thename.jks must be in the folder where you start to run this Java program.

💬 2015-10-29 Dejan: Heloo! I'm trying to use this code and I follow all the instructions and I create the jks. But when I'm trying to run it I'm...

💬 2015-09-20 Chandra Shekhar: Thanks, that works. This is really helpful for testing and works as simultor.

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getTime - HTTP Request Sample
This section provides a request message sample of getTime Web service.
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JDBC-ODBC - Creating a MS Access Database File
This section describes how to create a MS Access database file to be used for ODBC MS Access driver testing.
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💬 2015-11-28 23: 123123231

💬 2015-10-25 kaushal: nice job for solving jdbc connection problem

Installing OpenSSL on Windows
This section provides a tutorial example on how to install OpenSSL on a Windows system.
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💬 2015-11-28 Herong: Bob2, thanks for the information. I will make an update with the new location.

💬 2015-11-28 Bob2: @Bob, the link is: https://github.com/openssl/openssl Install it from source using the Windows installer. Use INSTALL.W32 for...

💬 2015-09-10 Herong: Frank, which part is not clear?

💬 2015-09-09 olifrank: didnt understand

💬 2015-08-15 Bob: Where to download openssl 1.0.1 for Windows?

List of Supported Character Encodings in Java
This section provides a list of supported character encodings supported in Java. The list is generated using the availableCharsets() static method in the java.nio.charset.Charset class.
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💬 2015-11-27 nawed ahmed khan: Thanks☺

Why Sorting Is Needed?
This section describes why sorting is needed - Search in a sorted collection is much faster than an un-sorted collection.
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💬 2015-11-27 Herong: Palash, Good article. Thanks for sharing it.

💬 2015-11-27 Palash Kanti Kundu: Hey thanks for the answer, I have given some more details on it. Please check this... Sorting, the burning problem in hand...

Introduction to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
Tutorial notes and example codes on AES algorithms. Topics include introduction of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard); AES encryption algorithm; AES key schedule (round keys) algorithm and illustration example; MixColumns procedure algorithm; AES decryption algorithms.
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💬 2015-11-27 david: qqwwasqswqds

WebViewClient Subclass - Content Rendering Callbacks
This section provides a tutorial example on how to implement a subclass of android.webkit.WebViewClient with callback methods to interface with the rendering process of the WebView content.
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💬 2015-11-27 brain: lifex1

Java Thread Deadlock Demo Program
This section provides a tutorial example of simple deadlock demo program, SimpleDeadLock.java, with 2 threads waiting for each other.
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💬 2015-11-27 Herong: Rahul, I think your dump file is a correct thread dump. It provides you a list of threads in a text format. You can use any text...

💬 2015-11-26 Rahul: Hi, Thanks for nice article. when we use jstack or kill -QUIT / kill -3 to get thread dump , we always get the dump file which...

Introduction of Sorting Algorithms
This chapter provides a quick introduction of sorting algorithms. Topics include what is sorting; why sorting is needed; most popular sorting algorithms.
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💬 2015-11-26 Amy: Fully agree!

💬 2015-11-24 gosa: It is nice book

Generating Client Side Stub Java Code
This section provides a tutorial example on how to run WSDL2Java to generate client side stub Java code from an existing WSDL document. The generated stub class will have a package name borrowed from the target namespace of the Web service.
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💬 2015-11-25 thakur: nice

Introduction to Web Service
This chapter provides a quick introduction on Web services and related technologies.
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JDBC-ODBC Bridge Driver - sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver produced by Sun and DataDirect. Topics include loading JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver; creating a DSN (Data Source Name) with a ODBC driver; Connecting to SQL Server with JDBC-ODBC Bridge.
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💬 2015-11-24 www.zengincilingir.com: thank you

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Calculator.pl - CGI Application Example
This section provides a tutorial example of Perl CGI application: Calculator.pl - Returning the result of any arithmetic expression like a calculator.
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💬 2015-11-24 Harry: Thank you! Top!!!

Using Flash to Provide Interactivity
This section provides a flash game example called Flash Tetris Game. It shows how Flash can be used to provide interactivity to Web pages.
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💬 2015-11-24 davka: nice

Chinese Web Pages with GB18030 Encoding
This section describes how to create a Chinese HTML document in GB18030 encoding and publish it on the Apache server.
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💬 2015-11-24 Herong: Jee, there is no way to configure Chrome to ignore the encoding error and continue. But you can tell browser to use a different...

💬 2015-11-24 Jee: I'm simply using Chrome... Is there a way to say to the XML "Just ignore caracters that you would consider as weird and display...

💬 2015-11-22 Herong: Jee, the issue is probably not in your data. What is the program you use to display the XML data?

💬 2015-11-22 Jee: Hello, I have a database in GB18030. I am trying to display datas through XML, and for some kind of datas, the display in a...

"keytool" Commands and "keystore" Files
This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on the 'keytool' command. Topics include introduction of public key certificates, 'keystore' file, 'keytool' command; generating new keys and self-signed certificates; exporting and importing certificates; cloning certificates to share keys.
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💬 2015-11-23 rama: gh

💬 2015-08-10 mike: Cool

PDF Printing Version: JDK Tutorials
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
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💬 2015-11-20 sameer: good going

💬 2015-09-02 Herong: Dharshan, you can follow tutorials presented at JSSE - Java Implementation of SSL and TLS.

💬 2015-09-01 Dharshan: I want to learn JSSE

Downloading and Installing JDK 1.7.0 on Windows
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install JDK 1.7.0 (Java SE 7) on a Windows XP system. A simple Java program was entered, compiled, and executed with the new JDK installation.
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💬 2015-11-05 Herong: Hi Prasanth, Welcome to my website! Where are you from?

💬 2015-11-04 prasanth: hi this is prasanth

💬 2015-10-20 Herong: Hi Ganesh, If you follow this tutorial step by step, you should be able to the small Java program called Hello.java on your PC.

💬 2015-10-19 ganesh: please cooperate to me make and run small java programs in to my pc thanking you

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HttpsClient.java - HTTPS Client Test Program
This section provides a tutorial example on how to write a HTTPS client test program, HttpsClient.java. It sends a simple HTTP request page using the HTTPS protocol.
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💬 2015-11-20 Herong: Philip, can you run HttpsHello server with SSL debug turned on? My test programs do have issues with newer build of JDK 1.7 and...

💬 2015-11-19 Philip: java version "1.7.0_80" Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_80-b15) Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.80-b11,...

💬 2015-11-19 Herong: Philip, which JDK version are you using?

💬 2015-11-18 Philip: I changed the code, but then reset back to the example. I recreated the jks a few times. The JVM and OS had not changed. It...

💬 2015-11-18 Herong: Philip, Was anything changed? Certificates, code, JVM or operating system...

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PDF Printing Version
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
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💬 2015-11-19 kyawzin: Thank you so much

💬 2015-11-04 Herong: Jose, are you referring the META-INF Files - Digests, Signature and Certificate tutorial?

💬 2015-11-03 Jose Mendoza, yo@josemendoza.mx: Some linux instalations on android devices uses this files. I am trying to make the three files needed for the instalation but...

💬 2015-10-09 Rohan: Thanks

💬 2015-09-23 sowri: I am able to understand

GetCurrencies - Get Currencies from All Countries and Territories
This chapter provides a quick introduction of the free Web service, GetCurrencies, returning a list of all countries with their currencies in the world. Topics include usage description of GetCurrencies; request message sample; response message sample.
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💬 2015-11-19 cliff: more testing

This section provides a quick introduction of FORTRAN language, a general-purpose and procedural programming language.
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💬 2015-11-19 me: Nice retention of previous examples

💬 2015-11-19 cliff: Hello

💬 2015-11-19 Clifford: This is cool!

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