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serialver - serialVersionUID Generator
This chapter provides provides a tutorial example on how to use 'serialver' command to generate a unique 'serialVersionUID' value for any given serializable Java class.
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💬 2022-06-27 Ravi Shrestha: Generating serial version id

Registry Hives - HKCR, HKCU, HKLM, HKU, HKCC, and HKPD
This section provides quick introductions on the Windows registry hives - top level registry keys on Windows XP systems.
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💬 2022-06-27 Lukugo: clean

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First 8336 Hex Digits of PI
This section provides first 8336 hex digits of constant PI, 3.1415927..., needed for Blowfish encryption algorithm.
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💬 2022-06-26 Abbie Moore: Hi everyone, my name is Abbie Moore, am from the United States . I want to share my wonderful testimony on how I got back my hus...

💬 2019-04-28 Herong: 8336 Hex Digits. Thanks.

💬 2019-04-26 Harry: Do you mean 8336 digits

💬 2016-10-31 Andres: cool

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Comment Testing Area
What is test testing area for? The testing area is provided to allow visitors to post testing comments.
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💬 2022-06-26 Abbie Moore: Hi everyone, my name is Abbie Moore, am from the United States . I want to share my wonderful testimony on how I got back my hus...

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Comments on Herong's Tutorial Books
Please share your general comments on my tutorial books here. Comments should not contain hyperlinks to any external Web sites.
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💬 2022-06-25 Leonie Wagner: My name is Leonie from England. The Great DR JATTO is really powerful and knows how to do his work perfectly. If not for him I c...

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💬 2022-06-18 Manuel Franco: I just want to say Thank You to everyone who supported me through the years.

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💬 2021-04-08 Hahaha: Adam is a hacker

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Get Free Ether from faucet.metamask.io
This section describes how to get some free Ether form faucet.metamask.io.
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My First JSP Page on macOS
This section provides a tutorial example on how to create the first JSP page with JSP code to test the JSP support of the Tomcat Web server on macOS systems.
2022-06-24, 109👍, 1💬

💬 2022-06-24 Chris: Thank you. Because of you I could run my first JSP file :)

Creating Class Type Objects
This section describes how class type objects can be created using the 'new' operator and special methods.
2022-06-24, 111👍, 1💬

💬 2022-06-24 waryam: ok

Measuring Speed of Light - Roemer's Method
This section describes the method used by Ole Roemer to measure the speed of light using changes of observed eclipse periods of Jupiter's moon.
2022-06-22, 163👍, 2💬

💬 2022-06-22 nina: :))))

Blowfish - 8-Byte Block Cipher
This chapter provides tutorial examples and notes about Blowfish block cipher. Topics include Blowfish encryption and decryption algorithm; Blowfish sub-key generation schema, Blowfish algorithm implementation in Java.
2022-06-21, 551👍, 3💬

💬 2022-06-21 sad: hello world

💬 2019-12-16 gio: i love you

Examples of CP1252 and ISO-8859-1 Encodings
This section provides examples of encoded byte sequences of the JVM default encoding, CP1252 encoding, on a Windows system. The ISO-8859-1 encoding is slightly different that the CP1252 encoding.
2022-06-21, 2487👍, 3💬

💬 2020-02-24 Muhammad Ijaz: i am Muhammad Ijaz

Get Free Ether from faucet.ropsten.be
This section describes how to get some free Ether from faucet.ropsten.be.
2022-06-21, 7150👍, 70💬

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JPEG Image File Format Quality and Size
This chapter provides tutorial notes and example codes on JPG (JPEG) image file format. Topics include saving images in JPEG format; comparing file sizes of JPEG and BMP formats; comparing image quality and file size of JPEG compression quality levels: 95%, 90%, 85%, 75%, 50%, and 25%.
2022-06-20, 137👍, 2💬

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"g++ -l..." to Link with Library Files
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'g++ -static' and 'g++ -l...' options to link your program with static or dynamic library files.
2022-06-20, 156👍, 2💬

💬 2022-06-20 AA: hello

Web Server Log File Samples - IIS and Apache
This section provides a quick introduction of Web server log files with examples of IIS and Apache servers.
2022-06-20, 31510👍, 33💬

💬 2022-06-20 Manish Raj: Nice

💬 2022-04-22 rs: thank you

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GB2312Unicode.java - GB2312 to Unicode Mapping
GB2312Unicode.java is a Java program that generates a table to map all GB2312 characters from GB2312 Codes to Unicode Codes.
2022-06-18, 1584👍, 4💬

💬 2022-06-18 dirk: Yeah, Herong, you are right. And, The Unicode Consortium gives mappings(mappings between unicode and other character sets) on it...

💬 2022-06-17 Herong: dirk, I think JDK uses a long array to map each GBK character to a Unicode.

💬 2022-06-15 dirk: But, how the decoder map GBK to UTF16 in this statement "cb = gbdc.decode(gbbb);"? In other words, how does "deocde(ByteBuffer b...

💬 2018-01-27 kill_time: hehe,

Uninstall Bitcoin Core for Windows
This section describes how to uninstall Bitcoin Core for Windows.
2022-06-18, 1333👍, 62💬

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Data Literals Supported in PHP
This section describes data literals to specify values for different data types: reserved key words; decimal, octal and hexadecimal numbers; floating point number format; single quoted, double quoted, and heredoc strings.
2022-06-17, 123👍, 2💬

💬 2022-06-17 Herong: Yes. I missed the binary form of integers. It will be included in the next update. Thanks.

💬 2022-06-10 X: You forgot binary literals for integers: 0b00101010

ChangeLengthUnit - Usage Description
This section describes the free Web service ChangeLengthUnit provided by WebserviceX.NET. ChangeLengthUnit allows you to convert length values in Millimeters, Centimeters, Inches, Feet, Yards, Meters, Kilometers, Miles and more.
2022-06-16, 580👍, 4💬

💬 2020-11-23 mmm: hello world

💬 2020-08-20 Herong: Mike, I don't have the source code. Hope someone can develop one. It shouldn't that hard.

💬 2020-08-18 Mike: The service is no longer available at that URL. Any chance you can release the source code so someone can re-host it?

Full Version in PDF/EPUB
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
2022-06-12, 564👍, 2💬

💬 2019-03-14 Edmond: Thanks

Ethereum Public Key and Private Key Example
This section describes examples of public key and private key of an Ethereum account.
2022-06-09, 16395👍, 33💬

💬 2022-06-09 ben: hello

💬 2022-05-15 helpinghands: 0x365F9713D8C7A9a1BeC0a580291D43424e 925B97this is our ether account address. anyone who is donating extra etherum for a good ca...

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native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Encoding Converter
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the native-to-ASCII encoding converter 'native2ascii'. Topics include 'native2ascii' command options, default encoding CP1252 used by 'javac', converting UTF-8 characters into \uXXXX Unicode code sequences, converting \uXXXX sequences back to native encodings.
2022-06-09, 5686👍, 64💬

💬 2022-06-09 hupo: (É+ó)+(ó+ó)+'\'

💬 2022-05-29 aaa: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2022-03-13 Q: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2022-01-30 paul: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2021-10-13 dams: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

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DES Key Schedule (Round Keys Generation) Algorithm
This section describes DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm - A 16-round Feistel cipher with block size of 64 bits.
2022-06-06, 13160👍, 12💬

💬 2022-06-06 hello: &lt;script> alert("Hello! I am an alert box!"); &lt;/script>

💬 2018-02-24 Herong: hema, values in the pc-2 table are pre-defined by the algorithm. They are not calculated.

💬 2018-02-23 hema: i understood pc-1 table can you pls guide to calculate manually pc-2 table in des algorithm.

💬 2017-10-24 Herong: QuAI, you are right those bits are not used in the Permuted Choice 1 (PC1) table.

💬 2017-10-19 QuAl: And forget about bits 8, 16, ..., 64 of initial кey K! Those bits for parity check only (see FIPS 46-3)

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Testnet - Ropsten network
This chapter introduces Ethereum testnet: Ropsten network.
2022-06-06, 582👍, 2💬

💬 2022-06-06 myth: 0x339d58bff8b8C5dAAfaF08fA77ad39C790 9B194E

💬 2021-08-28 Cit: Hi

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