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Convert JSON Document to XML Document
This section provides a quick introduction on options of converting JSON documents to XML documents: using ready-to-run tools; calling conversion libraries; and implementing your own converter.
2020-10-19, 108👍, 1💬

💬 2020-10-19 PUBG HILE: I think this is an informative post and it is very useful and knowledgeable. therefore, I would like to thank you for the effort...

1962 - Ma Er A Ni Man Xie Zou (马儿啊,你慢些走) - Run Slower, My Pony
Ma Er A Ni Man Xie Zou (马儿啊,你慢些走) - Run Slower, My Pony, lyrics by Li Jianyao (李鉴尧), Music by Sheng Mao (生茂), in 1962.
2020-10-18, 106👍, 1💬

💬 2020-10-18 long shaogao: How to make a USB drive

What is ECB (Electronic CodeBook) Operation Mode?
This section describes what is ECB (Electronic CodeBook) Operation Mode - each plaintext block is encrypted independently without any input from other blocks.
2020-10-18, 3477👍, 4💬

💬 2020-10-18 Herong: donjo, there is no real applications that use the ECB mode.

💬 2020-10-16 donjo dumdum: What is application of ECB mode operation

💬 2016-01-10 Todd: Thanks!

1951 - Cao Yuan Shang Sheng Qi ... (草原上升起不落的太阳) - The Never-Setting Sun Rises Over the Prairie
Cao Yuan Shang Sheng Qi Bu Luo De Tai Yang (草原上升起不落的太阳) - The Never-setting Sun Rises Over the Prairie, lyrics by Mei Li Qi Ge (美丽其格), music by Mei Li Qi Ge (美丽其格), originally performed by Original Performer: Wu Yanze (吴雁泽) in 1951.
2020-10-18, 118👍, 3💬

💬 2020-10-18 Herong: 全民K歌里面的歌曲是不可以下载的。

💬 2020-10-15 黄光南: 怎样放全民K歌在相册在iMovie?

💬 2020-10-15 黄光南: 怎么样放我的全民K歌在我的相册?

What Is SWF?
This section describes what is a SWF (Shockwave File) - file format for Flash program files which can be executed by Adobe Flash Player to deliver multimedia information and interactivity in Web pages.
2020-10-18, 104👍, 1💬

💬 2020-10-18 jack miller: SWF is an Adobe Flash file format used for multimedia, vector graphics it is small web format SWF is used for adobe flash player...

What Is an Unnamed Package?
This section describes what is an unnamed package - a package of compilation units with no package name. The main question is how to refer to a compilation unit in an unnamed package.
2020-10-15, 122👍, 2💬

💬 2020-10-12 Herong: Jason, how do we know the unnamed package is yours?

💬 2020-10-09 Jason Patrick: Unnamed package? 67 days in transit? How can I get my package from Canada Post?

Get Free Ether from faucet.metamask.io
This section describes how to get some free Ether form faucet.metamask.io.
2020-10-15, 4247👍, 8💬

💬 2020-10-10 Herong: venkatesh, test Ether has no real value. So there is no way to convert it to real Ether.

💬 2020-10-08 venkatesh: Can we convert test ethereum to real ethereum

💬 2020-08-15 Herong: sb, Minereum Airdrop is closed now. But it was real.

💬 2020-08-03 sb: can you guide me is MNE airdrop is real, they said i have to pay 1 ETH for update level of my tokens. is that real, i haven"t th...

💬 2020-06-30 ss: need ether they are saying user is too greedy

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1964 - Wo Wei Zu Guo Xian Shi You (我为祖国献石油) - Dedicate The Oil To My Motherland
Wo Wei Zu Guo Xian Shi You (我为祖国献石油) - Dedicate The Oil To My Motherland, lyrics by Xie Zhuguo (薛柱国), music by Qin Yongcheng (秦咏诚), produced in 1964.
2020-10-14, 118👍, 2💬

💬 2020-10-14 Herong: 可以,没问题。

💬 2020-10-12 王林各: 我为祖国献石油可以放在战友相册吗?

Passing Values between JSP Pages
This section provides a tutorial example on how to use different ways to pass values between JSP pages: putting values in 'session' or 'application' objects, or putting values at the end of redirect URL.
2020-10-08, 814👍, 6💬

Installing and Running Java DB - Derby
This chapter provides tutorial notes on downloading, installing and setting up Java DB (Derby) server. Topics include downloading and installing Java DB 10.5.3; verifying Java DB execution environment; running Java DB in Network Server mode; using 'ij' to create database and tables.
2020-10-08, 2485👍, 4💬

💬 2020-10-08 Raji: Nice

💬 2015-08-09 a: g

Running WinRAR in a Command Line Window
This section provides a tutorial example on how to run WinRAR in a command line window.
2020-10-08, 164👍, 2💬

💬 2020-10-08 Herong: CJ, by default the root folder will not be included in the archive. Try the "winrar a -afzip -r root.zip \*.*" command.

💬 2020-10-01 CJ: Hi, how can I zip the files inside the root folder without adding the root folder into archive? Thank You

'native2ascii' - Native-to-ASCII Encoding Converter
This chapter provides tutorial notes on the native-to-ASCII encoding converter 'native2ascii'. Topics include 'native2ascii' command options, default encoding CP1252 used by 'javac', converting UTF-8 characters into \udddd Unicode code sequences, converting \udddd sequences back to native encodings.
2020-10-06, 5010👍, 60💬

💬 2020-09-20 ff: -~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[];Ì= (ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+([ ].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ó+ ó]+(!''+'...

💬 2019-09-17 d: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2019-09-15 asd: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2019-09-10 die: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2019-09-06 asd: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

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Downloading and Installing Visual C# 2010 Express
This section provides a tutorial example on how to download and install Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express edition on Windows systems.
2020-10-04, 4588👍, 25💬

💬 2020-10-04 asdasdasd: dsadsd

💬 2020-09-29 aidan: meaningful comments

💬 2020-09-26 qijidong: good

💬 2020-06-08 zzzz: good

💬 2020-03-01 fang_xj666: thank you very much

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Base32 Encoding Algorithm
This section describes the Base32 encoding algorithm with some simple encoding examples.
2020-09-30, 7996👍, 6💬

💬 2020-09-30 Herong: savannah, if the last block is less than 5 bytes, it needs to padded with one or more 0x00 bytes.

💬 2020-09-29 savannah: Small question. What if my input word is ABCDEFGHIJ. How do I group this into blocks of 5 bytes?

💬 2020-03-06 sirev: looks good! thanks

💬 2016-08-31 as: ok as

💬 2016-02-15 juraj: Dobry den Slovesk

Chinese Web Pages with GB18030 Encoding
This section describes how to create a Chinese HTML document in GB18030 encoding and publish it on the Apache server.
2020-09-28, 2818👍, 6💬

💬 2020-09-28 sdvsd: 86 54 D1 D4 C1 E1 98 D8 D7 F2 9B 41 C2 CA C2 84 8F 8A DC BF CD F5 BD E7 C7 F2 C8 A1 C7 E9 98 49

💬 2015-11-24 Herong: Jee, there is no way to configure Chrome to ignore the encoding error and continue. But you can tell browser to use a different ...

💬 2015-11-24 Jee: I'm simply using Chrome... Is there a way to say to the XML "Just ignore caracters that you would consider as weird and display ...

💬 2015-11-22 Herong: Jee, the issue is probably not in your data. What is the program you use to display the XML data?

💬 2015-11-22 Jee: Hello, I have a database in GB18030. I am trying to display datas through XML, and for some kind of datas, the display in a brow...

Example Java Class Converted from a JSP Page
This section provides a tutorial example Java class converted by Tomcat 7 from the JSP page, Hello_Scripting.jsp. Scripting elements included in the JSP page are converted correctly.
2020-09-27, 3493👍, 3💬

💬 2020-09-27 Guru: Nice

💬 2019-02-07 Balaji: Good

💬 2016-01-14 abc: hello

1979 - The Tcsh (TENEX C Shell) Developed by Ken Greer
This chapter provides some history of Tcsh developed by Ken Greer in 1979 for Unix systems by extending the C shell with file name completion and command line editing.
2020-09-25, 111👍, 1💬

💬 2020-09-25 I: Nice

OpenSSL "enc -bf-cbc" for Blowfish/CBC Encryption
Tutorial notes and example codes are provided OpenSSL 'enc -bf-cbc' command for Blowfish encryption in CBC mode. Topics include introduction of CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) cipher operation mode; Literal Key options to specify secret key and IV directly; Salted Key and Random Salt options to specify ...
2020-09-24, 175👍, 1💬

💬 2020-09-24 ajmal: 123

Shift-JIS Encoding
This section provides a quick introduction of Shift-JIS, also called MS Kanji, encoding, which maps a JIS X0208 character to a 2-byte sequence using a complicated schema designed by Microsoft.
2020-09-18, 901👍, 6💬

💬 2020-09-18 Utkarsj: hello hi bye

💬 2020-04-03 Qqqq: スーパー

💬 2019-07-16 Duc: かきくけこ

'native2ascii' - Encoding Converter Command and Options
This section describes the native-to-ASCII encoding converter 'native2ascii' and its options. Non-ASCII characters in a Java source file must be converted into \udddd Unicode sequences before giving it to the Java compiler.
2020-09-17, 2462👍, 21💬

💬 2020-09-17 Sharan: Great place to work

💬 2019-12-18 sdad: Concernant l’entité susmentionnée, veuillez noter que les informations suivantes ont été mises à jour dans nos systèmes

💬 2019-12-18 Axel: Hello

💬 2019-03-23 cc: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

💬 2019-03-17 jack: É=-~-~[],ó=-~É,Ë=É<<É,þ=Ë+~[]; Ì=(ó-ó)[Û=(''+{})[É+ó]+(''+{})[ó-É]+ ([].ó+'')[ó-É]+(!!''+'')[ó]+({}+'')[ ó+ó]+(!''...

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Inserting CLOB Values with SQL INSERT Statements
This section describes how to insert CLOB values as string literals using SQL INSERT statements.
2020-09-15, 219👍, 2💬

💬 2020-09-12 Herong: David, see Inserting BLOB Values with setBinaryStream() Method. It provides a good example of saving a binary file to the databa...

💬 2020-08-28 David Colbourn: needs a couple of real word examples say save and retrieve myfile.doc or myfile.xls or myfile.ppt

Geometric Introduction to Elliptic Curves
This chapter provides a geometric introduction of elliptic curves and the associated addition operation. Topics includes what is an elliptic curve and its geometric properties; geometric algorithm defining an addition operation; infinity point or identity element; commutativity and associativity of ...
2020-09-12, 144👍, 1💬

💬 2020-09-12 NA: NA

What Is SOAP Encoding
This section provides a quick description of SOAP Encoding and samples of serializing simple and compound value nodes.
2020-09-09, 212👍, 1💬

💬 2020-09-09 byju: thanks for the tutorial..!

"OpenSSL" Generating Certificates in DER and PEM
This section provides a tutorial example on how to generate certificates in DER and PEM formats using 'OpenSSL'.
2020-09-09, 448👍, 2💬

💬 2020-09-09 test: test

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