XML Schema Processors

This section describes XML Schema processors like Xerces2 and XML Spy.

In the previous section, we validated a XML document against an XSD schema manually without using any software tools. This manual validation process is doable only if the XML document and the XSD schema are simple.

But XML documents and XSD schema used in real applications are usually complex, and require software tools (XML Schema Processors) to help us to perform the validation.

What is XML Schema Processor? A XML Schema processor is a software tool that validates an XML document against an XSD schema.

XML Schema processor example 1 - Xerces2 Java Parser, which is the next generation of high performance, fully compliant XML parsers in the Apache Xerces family developed by The Apache Software Foundation.

XML Schema processor example 2 - XMLSpy, which is an XML editor and development environment for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies.

XML Schema processor example 3 - XMLPad, which is also an XML editor with XML Schema full support, including schema editing, schema validation, and XML validation.

See other chapters in this book for details on how to install and use Xerces2, XMLSpy, XMLPad and other XML Schema Processors.

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Introduction to XML Schema

 What Is XSD (XML Schema Definition)?

 "Hello world!" Example of XSD

XML Schema Processors

 XML Editor and Schema Processor - XMLPad

 Java API for XML Processing - JAXP

 JAXP - XML Schema (XSD) Validation

 Xerces2 Java Parser - Java API of XML Parsers

 Using Xerces2 Java APIs

 XML Schema Language - Basics

 Introduction of XSD Built-in Datatypes

 "string" and Its Derived Datatypes

 "decimal" and Its Derived Datatypes

 "dateTime" and Its Related Datatypes

 Miscellaneous Built-in Datatypes

 Facets, Constraining Facets and Restriction Datatypes

 "simpleType" - Defining Your Own Simple Datatypes

 Complex Element Declaration

 Identity-Constraints: unique, key and keyref

 Assertion as Custom Validation Rules

 XML Schema Location and Namespace in XML Documents

 Overriding Element Types in XML Documents

 Linking Multiple Schema Documents Together


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