- SOAP::Lite for SOAP 1.2 Web Service

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use SOAP::Lite 0.710 to call a SOAP 1.2 Web service, NumberToWords, provided by at

Enough hacking on the SOAP::Lite code, it's time to finalize my NumberToWords SOAP 1.2 client program. I decided to set DEFAULT_HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE constant to fix the media type issue.

#- Copyright (c) 2009 All Rights Reserved.
   use SOAP::Lite;
   my $proxy = 
   my $uri = '';
   my $method = "NumberToWords";
   my $soapAction = sub {return "$uri$method"};

   my ($number) = @ARGV;
#- Building the parameter element
   my $parameter = SOAP::Data
      ->name("ubiNum") # set the element name
      ->value($number); # set the value

#- Creating the SOAP client object
   my $client = SOAP::Lite->new()
      ->soapversion('1.2') # set to SOAP 1.2
      ->envprefix('soap12') # set prefix for SOAP 1.2 namespace
      ->default_ns($uri) # set the default namespace for method
      ->on_action($soapAction) # set the SOAPAction
      ->readable(true) # make the XML readable
      ->proxy($proxy); # set the proxy URL

#- Calling the Web service
   my $som = $client->call($method=>($parameter));
   my $output = $som->result;
   print $output . "\n";

When executing, I got this:

herong> 102

one hundred and two

The result is identical to developed previously.

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