"cscript.exe/wscript.exe" Command Version and Options

This section describes how to start 'cscript' or 'wscript' command and what options are available.

If you want to find out if WSH is available or not on your Windows system, you can run "cscript /?" in a command window:

C:\herong>cscript /?

Usage: CScript scriptname.extension [option...] [arguments...]

 //B         Batch mode: Suppresses script errors and prompts from 
 //D         Enable Active Debugging
 //E:engine  Use engine for executing script
 //H:CScript Changes the default script host to CScript.exe
 //H:WScript Changes the default script host to WScript.exe (default)
 //I         Interactive mode (default, opposite of //B)
 //Job:xxxx  Execute a WSF job
 //Logo      Display logo (default)
 //Nologo    Prevent logo display: No banner will be shown at 
             execution time
 //S         Save current command line options for this user
 //T:nn      Time out in seconds:  Maximum time a script is permitted
             to run
 //X         Execute script in debugger
 //U         Use Unicode for redirected I/O from the console

The "wscript" command has same command line options.

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"cscript.exe/wscript.exe" Command Version and Options

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