GetInteger() - Crash-Free Integer Conversion

This section provides a tutorial example of writing a crash-free code logic to convert a user entered string into a Long integer value. The built-in function CLng() will crash with a string like '3.3e200'.

As a practical exercise of using variable inspection guidelines mentioned in previous sections, let's try to solve an coding issue in a real VBScript application world.

A common task of handling user input on a Web form is to convert user entered data into a long integer. For example, the data entered in the Order Quantity field on Web order form must be converted into a long integer before processing the entire order.

So what code logic should you use to convert the user input data into a Long value? This sounds like an easy task. You can you use a single statement to do this:

   quantity = CLng(string_entered)

But the above code will crash, your customer enters something like "3.3e200".

So converting a used entered string into a Long value is not a simple task, if you allow the user to type in anything. I have tried my best to write a crash-free code, GetInteger(), to convert the input data as much as possible into a long integer as shown in the following tutorial example, parsing_integer.html:

<!-- parsing_integer.html
 - Copyright (c) 1998 All Rights Reserved.
<script language="vbscript">

   document.writeln(" ")
   document.writeln("Converting variants to integers:")
   document.writeln("   777 = " & GetInteger(777))
   document.writeln("   ""777"" = " & GetInteger("777"))
   document.writeln("   3.14159 = " & GetInteger(3.14159))
   document.writeln("   ""3.14159"" = " & GetInteger("3.14159"))
   document.writeln("   ""Hello"" = " & GetInteger("Hello"))
   document.writeln("   True = " & GetInteger(True))
   document.writeln("   Empty = " & GetInteger(Empty))
   document.writeln("   Null = " & GetInteger(Null))
   document.writeln("   ""1+2"" = " & GetInteger("1+2"))
   document.writeln("   777777 = " & GetInteger(777777))
   document.writeln("   3.3e200 = " & GetInteger(3.3e200))
   document.writeln("   ""3.3e20000"" = " & GetInteger("3.3e20000"))

Function GetInteger(vAnyThing)
   If IsNumeric(vAnyThing) Then
'      GetInteger = CInt(vAnyThing) 'Error 1: overflow on 777777
'      GetInteger = CLng(vAnyThing) 'Error 2: overflow on 3.3e200
      GetInteger = CDbl(vAnyThing)
      If Abs(GetInteger) < 2147483647 Then
         GetInteger = CLng(GetInteger)
         GetInteger = -2147483648
      End If
      GetInteger = -2147483648
   End If 
End Function

Here is the output:

Converting variants to integers:
   777 = 777
   "777" = 777
   3.14159 = 3
   "3.14159" = 3
   "Hello" = -2147483648
   True = -1
   Empty = 0
   Null = -2147483648
   "1+2" = -2147483648
   777777 = 777777
   3.3e200 = -2147483648
   "3.3e20000" = -2147483648

Note that:

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