Assigning Values to Variables - "=" Statement

This section provides a quick introduction of the assignment statement, which allows you to assign a new value to a variable.

Variables can be assigned with new values with the assignment statement in the following syntax:

   variable_name = data_value

where "data_value" a data literal or an expression. We will look at expressions in details in other parts of this book.

When assigning a new value to a variable:

Here is a tutorial example on how to declare variables and assign values to them:

<!-- assignment.html
 - Copyright (c) 1998 All Rights Reserved.
<script language="vbscript">
   Dim author
   Dim price
'   Dim empty
   author = "Herong"
   price = 9.99 
'   empty = 0
   buffer = price   ' Implicit declaration of "buffer"
   price = author
   author = buffer
   document.writeln("author = " & author)
   document.writeln("price = " & price)
   document.writeln("empty = " & empty)

Here is the output of this VBScript example:

author = 9.99
price = Herong
empty = 

Notes about this VBScript example:

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