Using VBScript with Internet Explorer 11

This section provides tutorial example on how to enable script running and disable 'Edge' mode in IE 11 to load Web pages embedded with VBScript code.

VBScript support in IE (Internet Explorer) 11 is turned off by default. If you want to run VBScript code in IE 11, you need to change two settings.

1. Enable scripts and ActiveX controls - When IE 11 is not enabled to run scripts and ActiveX controls, it will prompt you with the following message box:

Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from
running scripts or ActiveX controls.
                      [ Allow blocked content ]

Click "Allow blocked content" to allow IE 11 to run VBScript code embedded in the Web page.

Enable Script Running in IE 11
Enable Script Running in IE 11

2. Disable "Edge" mode - By default, IE 11 is running in "Edge" mode, which does not support VBScript. So you need to disable the "Edge" mode:

Press F12 to open the IE Developer Tools pane.

Click "Emulation" tab.

Change the "Document mode" setting from "Edge" to "10".

Click the "Persist Emulation Settings" icon at the top left corner to save the change.

Disable Edge Mode in IE 11
Disable Edge Mode in IE 11

After those two changes, you should be able to run VBScript code in IE 11.

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