"Err.Number" and "Err.Clear()" - Error Code and Clear Method

This section provides a tutorial example on how to manage runtime errors properly with the error code, Err.Number, and the error clear method, Err.Clear().

Remember the parsing_integer.html script example from the previous chapter? It uses a couple of built-in functions to test the data type and value range of a given string to avoid any runtime errors for data conversion task.

After learned how to manage runtime errors properly, we are now ready to simply that VBScript example as:

<!-- parsing_integer_modified.html
 - Copyright (c) 2002 HerongYang.com. All Rights Reserved.
<script language="vbscript">
   On Error GoTo 0
   document.writeln(" ")
   document.writeln("Converting variants to integers:")
   document.writeln("   777 = " & GetInteger(777))
   document.writeln("   ""777"" = " & GetInteger("777"))
   document.writeln("   3.14159 = " & GetInteger(3.14159))
   document.writeln("   ""3.14159"" = " & GetInteger("3.14159"))
   document.writeln("   ""Hello"" = " & GetInteger("Hello"))
   document.writeln("   True = " & GetInteger(True))
   document.writeln("   Empty = " & GetInteger(Empty))
   document.writeln("   Null = " & GetInteger(Null))
   document.writeln("   ""1+2"" = " & GetInteger("1+2"))
   document.writeln("   777777 = " & GetInteger(777777))
   document.writeln("   3.3e200 = " & GetInteger(3.3e200))
   document.writeln("   ""3.3e20000"" = " & GetInteger("3.3e20000"))

Function GetInteger(vAnyThing)
   On Error Resume Next   ' Turn on the error handling flag
   GetInteger = CLng(vAnyThing)
   If Err.Number > 0 Then 
      GetInteger = -2147483648
      Err.Clear()   ' The error is handled now. Remove it
   End If   
End Function

Run this modified example code in IE, you will get the same result as the old example:

Converting variants to integers:
   777 = 777
   "777" = 777
   3.14159 = 3
   "3.14159" = 3
   "Hello" = -2147483648
   True = -1
   Empty = 0
   Null = -2147483648
   "1+2" = -2147483648
   777777 = 777777
   3.3e200 = -2147483648
   "3.3e20000" = -2147483648

Notice that the "Err" object method "Clear()" is called to remove the runtime error, once it has been caught and processed. Otherwise, other code may get confused if the "Err" object still contains the error.

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