Summary Report

Website overall statistics for 196 days of year 2008.

The following overall statistics are based on log data from for 196 days of year 2008:

Successful requests: 8,333,483
Average successful requests per day: 39,683
Successful requests for pages: 2,894,284
Average successful requests for pages per day: 13,782
Distinct files requested: 402,066
Distinct hosts served: 450,494
Data transferred: 45.69 gigabytes
Average data transferred per day: 222.77 megabytes 

Note that "Average" values provided here should be revised based on 196 days instead of 210 days, because log files were missing for about 2 weeks. See the weekly report in the next section.

Comparing to year 2007, the "Average successful requests per day" changed from 19,784 to 39,683 - a 200.58% increase. The "Average data transferred per day" changed from 94.76 megabytes to 222.77 megabytes - a 235.09% increase. The extra 35% increase in data transfer indicates that more pictures were added to my Website.

The above overall statistics report and other reports included in this chapter are all generated by Analog 6.0, Tutorial notes of download, installation, configuration and execution of Analog 6.0 are available in my other book: "Windows Tutorials - Herong's Tutorial Examples" at

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