List of Various Durations

This section lists various durations to give us a sense of scale about time.

The list below provides some reference durations to give us a sense of scale about time:

230 million years - Duration of Solar System orbiting a circle
           1 year - Duration of Earth orbiting a circle around Run
        27.3 days - Duration of Moon orbiting a circle around Earth
           1  day - Duration of Earth rotating a circle around axis
     8.28 minutes - Duration of light traveling from Sun to Earth
        9.58    s - World record of time for men to run 100 meters
           2    s - Duration of a 1-meter long pendulum swing a period
        0.75    s - Average duration of between 2 human heartbeats
          20   ms - Duration of a hummingbird wing flapping time
           3   ms - Duration of a housefly wing flapping time
         0.4   ns - Duration of cycle time of my 2012 laptop processor
         2.5   fs - Duration of oscillation period of red light

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