What Is Lambda Expression?

This section describes what is a lambda expression, which is a shorthand form of an anonymous class that implements a single abstract method interface (also called functional interface).

What Is Lambda Expression? A Lambda Expression is a shorthand form of a special anonymous class that implements an interface with only one abstract method. Lambda Expressions are introduced in Java 8.

An interface with only one abstract method is also called a Functional Interface.

Here is the syntax of a lambda expression:

(parameter_list) -> {method_body} 

The above lambda expression syntax is actually a shorthand form of the following anonymous class syntax:

new interface_name() { 
   return_type method_name(parameter_list) {method_body}

The table below provides you a comparison of each element between the anonymous class syntax and the lambda expression syntax:

Anonymous class      |  Lambda expression
new                  |                   
interface_name() {   |  
   return_type       |
   method_name       |
   (parameter_list)  |  (parameter_list)
                     |  ->
   {method_body}     |  {method_body}
}                    |

Here is what I see from the above comparison:

Since a lambda expression is just a shorthand form of a special anonymous class, it acts in the same way as an anonymous class with some minor differences as summarized below:

See the next section for a simple example of a lambda expression.

Last update: 2014.

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