"jrunscript -f" - Run JavaScript in Batch Mode

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use 'jrunscript -f ...' to run JavaScript code in batch mode.

If you want to run JavaScript code stored in a file in batch mode, you use the "jrunscript -f ..." command.

1. Create a test JavaScript code file, While-Loop.js.

// While-Loop.js
//   Copyright (c) 2018 HerongYang.com. All Rights Reserved.
   var i, j, is_prime;
   i = 3;
   while ( i<=30 ) {
      is_prime = true;
      j = 2;
      while ( j<=i/2 ) {
         is_prime = i%j > 0;
         if (!is_prime) break;
      if (is_prime)
         print("Found a prime number: " + i);
      i += 2;

2. Run the JavaScript code file in batch mode with "jrunscript -f ..." command.

herong$ jrunscript -f While-Loop.js
Warning: Nashorn engine is planned to be removed from a future JDK release

Found a prime number: 3
Found a prime number: 5
Found a prime number: 7
Found a prime number: 11
Found a prime number: 13
Found a prime number: 17
Found a prime number: 19
Found a prime number: 23
Found a prime number: 29

Okay, running JavaScript code in batch mode with "jrunscript" is easy too!

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