"jimage extract" - Extracting JIMAGE File Entries

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the 'jimage extract' command to extract JIMAGE file entries.

The next command to learn is the "jimage extract" command, which extract entries out of a given JIMAGE file.

The "jimage extract" command can have two options:

Here is how I extract all java classes that are related to "DSAPrivateKey" from the JIMAGE file of the default JRE of my JDK 10 installation:

herong> jimage extract --include regex:.*DSAPrivateKey.*  \
   --dir .\junk \progra~1\java\jdk-12.0.1\lib\modules

herong> tree /F .\junk
|   |---java
|   |   |---security
|   |       |---interfaces
|   |       |       DSAPrivateKey.class
|   |       |
|   |       |---spec
|   |               DSAPrivateKeySpec.class
|   |
|   |---sun
|       |---security
|           |---provider
|                   DSAPrivateKey.class
|   |---sun
|       |---security
|           |---pkcs11
|                   P11Key$P11DSAPrivateKey.class

Cool. I got 6 classes related DSA private key.

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