jdeprscan - Deprecated API Scanner Command

This section describes what is 'jdeprscan' - is a command line tool to run the Java Deprecated API Scanner tool.

What Is "jdeprscan"? - "jdeprscan", Java Deprecated API Scanner tool, is a command line tool to scan for uses of deprecated API elements of given Java class files. Input classes can be given as a path name to a .class file, a directory or a JAR file.

"jdeprscan" has been included in JDK installation since JDK 8. And it is represented by the %java_home%\bin\jdeprscan.exe program file.

If you have %java_home%\bin directory included in "path" the environment variable, you can run "jdeprscan --help" to see a complete list of all options:

herong> jdeprscan --help
Usage: jdeprscan [options] {dir|jar|class} ...

        --class-path PATH
  -? -h --help
  -l    --list
        --release 7|8|9|10|11|12
  -v    --verbose

Scans each argument for usages of deprecated APIs. An argument
may be a directory specifying the root of a package hierarchy,
a JAR file, a class file, or a class name. The class name must be
specified using a fully qualified class name using the $ separator
character for nested classes, for example,


The --class-path option provides a search path for resolution
of dependent classes.

The --for-removal option limits scanning or listing to APIs that are
deprecated for removal. Cannot be used with a release value of 6, 7,
or 8.

The --full-version option prints out the full version string of the

The --help (-? -h) option prints out a full help message.

The --list (-l) option prints out the set of deprecated APIs. No
scanning is done, so no directory, jar, or class arguments should be

The --release option specifies the Java SE release that provides the
set of deprecated APIs for scanning.

The --verbose (-v) option enables additional message output during

The --version option prints out the abbreviated version string of the

For more information, see "jdeprscan" reference page at https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/17/docs/specs/man/jdeprscan.html.

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