javap - Listing Public Variables and Methods

This section provides a tutorial example of how to list all public variables and methods of a class with 'javap' without any options.

In order to test the Java disassembler tool, I wrote this simple Java application file,

 * Copyright (c) 2005 All Rights Reserved.
public class Circle {
  public String uom = "Centimeter";
  private int x = 0;
  private int y = 0;
  private int r = 1;

  public void setRadius(int radius) {
    r = radius;
  public void setCenter(int centerX, int centerY) {
    x = centerX;
    y = centerY;
  public void printRadius() {
    System.out.println(r + " " + uom);
  public void printArea() {
    double area = getArea();
    System.out.println(area + " " + uom + "^2");
  private double getArea() {
    return 3.14159*r*r;

To test "javap", we need to compile this source code file into a bytecode class file, Circle.class:

herong> javac

herong> dir Circle.*

   1,393 Circle.class

Now we can see what "javap" will do for us on this bytecode class file:

herong> javap Circle

Compiled from ""
public class Circle extends java.lang.Object{
    public java.lang.String uom;
    public Circle();
    public void setRadius(int);
    public void setCenter(int, int);
    public void printRadius();
    public void printArea();

Very nice. By default, "javap" print a list of all public variables and methods.

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