"javac -sourcepath" - Specifying Source Path

This section provides a tutorial example on how to use the '-sourcepath' option to specify the class path for the 'javac' tool to load any source files required during the compilation.

If you use a new type, and you don't have the class definition of that type, but you have its source definition, you can use the "-sourcepath sourcepath" option to tell compiler to get that source definition. The compiler will compile that source definition into class definition.

I used the same source files, Echoer.java and EchoerTest.java, to test the compiler "-sourcepath" option:

herong> del Echoer.class
herong> del EchoerTest.class

herong> javac -verbose -sourcepath . EchoerTest.java

[parsing started SimpleFileObject[C:\herong\EchoerTest.java]]

[parsing completed 15ms]
[loading /modules/javafx.fxml/module-info.class]
[loading /modules/java.activation/module-info.class]
[loading /modules/jdk.zipfs/module-info.class]

[search path for source files: .]
[search path for class files: C:\Progra~1\java\jdk-12.0.1\lib\modules,.]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/Object.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/String.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/Deprecated.class]
[checking EchoerTest]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/io/Serializable.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/AutoCloseable.class]

[loading .\Echoer.java]
[parsing started DirectoryFileObject[.:Echoer.java]]
[parsing completed 15ms]

[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/System.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/io/PrintStream.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/Appendable.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/io/Closeable.class]
[wrote SimpleFileObject[C:\herong\EchoerTest.class]]

[checking Echoer]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/StringBuilder.class]
[loading /modules/java.base/java/lang/StringBuffer.class]

[wrote DirectoryFileObject[.:Echoer.class]]
[total 360ms]

herong> java EchoerTest
!dlrow olleH

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