What JRockit Management Console

This section describes the Oracle JRockit Management Console which a GUI tool to monitor and manage JRockit JVM. It is part of the JRockit Mission Control tool set.

What is JRockit Management Console? The JRockit Management Console is a tool for monitoring and managing multiple JRockit instances. It captures and presents live data about GC pauses, memory and CPU usage, as well as information from any JMX MBean deployed in the JVM's internal MBean server. JVM management includes dynamic control over CPU affinity, garbage collection strategy, memory pool sizes and more.

JRockit Management Console is part of the JRockit Mission Control tool set which is installed as part of the JRockit JVM installation. JRockit Management Console in JRockit Mission Control 4.1.0 provides 4 groups of JVM monitoring and management functions:

Go to http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E13150_01/jrockit_jvm/jrockit/webdocs/ for more information.

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