Tomcat Web Application Manager

This section provides a tutorial example on how to access Tomcat Web Application Manager Web interface. You add, remove or manage any applications that are running on the Tomcat server using the Web Application Manager.

What Is Tomcat Web Application Manager? Tomcat Web Application Manager is Web interface on a Tomcat server that allows you to add, remove or manage applications that are running on that Tomcat server. Here is how you can us the Tomcat Web Application Manager on Tomcat.

1. Make sure that the user name and password is setup correctly with the "manager-gui" role in the tomcat-users.xml configuration file.

2. Visit http://localhost:8080/ with a Web browser and click on the "Manager App" button.

3. Enter user name and password (herong and s3cret) at the authorization prompt. The "Tomcat Web Application Manager" page shows up:

Apache Tomcat Application Manager
Apache Tomcat Application Manager

4. Review each application that are listed in the "Applications" section on the page. All of them are default applications come with the Tomcat distribution package.

5. Look at the "Deploy" section. It offers an interface to allow you to deploy new applications to the server on the fly.

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