Comparable Interface and compareTo() Method

This section provides a tutorial example on how to construct object with the Comparable interface, so that they can be stored in collections using the TreeSet class. Search operations on TreeSet class perform nicely - almost the same as HastSet and LinkedHashSet.

In order to use TreeSet collection, data elements must be comparable. So I enhanced MySimpleDate class and rename it as MyDate class:

 * Copyright (c) All Rights Reserved.
import java.util.*;
public class MyDate implements Comparable {
   private static Random r;
   private Date my_date;
   public MyDate () {
      my_date = new Date();
      long l = my_date.getTime();
      int i = (int) (l/1000/60/60/24);
      if (r==null) r = new Random();
      i = r.nextInt(i);
      l = ((long) i)*24*60*60*1000;
   public long getTime() {
      return my_date.getTime();
   public int compareTo(Object o) {
      if (getTime()<((MyDate) o).getTime()) return -1;
      else if (getTime()==((MyDate) o).getTime()) return 0;
      else return 1;
   public boolean equals(Object o) {
      return compareTo(o)==0;
   public int hashCode() {
      return (int)(getTime()^(getTime()>>>32));

Note that:

Using the MyDate class with my own compareTo(), equals(), and hashCode() methods, I repeated the search operation performance tests. Here is the results on Windows 2000 with JDK 1.4.1_01:

                  With MySimpleDate         With MyDate
Collection       Number of Elements      Number of Elements
Class           5000   10000   20000    5000   10000   20000

HashSet           10      20      20      70      10      30
LinkedHashSet      0      10      20       0      10      10
TreeSet          n/a     n/a     n/a      10      40      70
Vector           661    2714   10936    1502    9424   37626
ArrayList        651    2694   10676    1573    9314   37646
LinkedList       762    3305   28122    2193   14102   54902
TreeMap         1021   10256   52719    4276   18417   56205
HashMap         1712   12629   60050    4727   29024   92068
IdentityHashMap  391    1532    7000     381    1532    6980
WeakHashMap     1572  failed  failed  failed  failed  failed
Hashtable       3145   21261   89103    5518   23395   89094

The result shows that:

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