Adding MathML Formula in HTML5 Documents

This section provides a tutorial example of adding MathML formulas in HTML5 documents using 'math' tags.

MathML (Mathematical Markup Language) is an XML-based language that can be embedded in HTML documents to describe mathematical formulas.

To embed MathML formula into an HTML document, you should follow these guidelines:

1. Mathematical formulas described in MathML should be coded using the <svg xmlns="">> element with an optional attribute specifying the display style: display="inline/block".

2. Mathematical formulas should be described using MathML presentation components, not content components. Some commonly used MathML presentation components are: "mrow", "mstack", "mn", "mi", "mo", "msup", "mfrac", "msqrt", "ms", "mtext", etc.

3. MathML uses many special character entities defined in the Unicode standard to represent mathematical symbols and operators. Some entity examples are:

&#x03C0; (&pi;) represents "Greek small letter pi"
&#x2147; (&ExponentialE) represents "the base for natural logarithms"
&#x2148; (&ImaginaryI) represents "i as the square root of -1"
&#x221E; (&infin; or &infty;) represents "infinity"
&#x2062; (&InvisibleTimes;) represents "invisible times" operator
&#x00B1; represents "plus-or-minus" operator
&#x2208; represents "element of" operator
&#x2209; represents "not an element of" operator
&#x220B; represents "contains as member" operator
&#x220C; represents "does not contain as member" operator
&#x2211; represents "n-ary summation" operator
&#x221D; represents "proportional to" operator
&#x221A; represents "square root" operator
&#x222A; represents "union" operator
&#x222B; represents "integral" operator

Here is a good example of using <math> tags in HTML documents:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<!-- HTML5_MathML_Example.html
 - Copyright (c) 2014 All Rights Reserved.
 <head><title>MathML Example</title></head>
   Given the quadratic equation
   <math xmlns="">
   , the roots are given by
   <math xmlns="">
       <mo form="prefix">-</mo>

When the above HTML document is displayed in a Web browser, you will see two formulas in a paragraph of text:

HTML with MathML Example
HTML with MathML Example

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