Using ActionScript in SWFC Scripts

This section describes how to use ActionScript 3.0 statement blocks inside a SWFC script file with '.action' commands.

SWFC script compiler from SWFTools also supports ActionScript 3.0. Here are some notes on how to use ActionScript 3.0 statement blocks inside a SWFC script file:

1. ActionScript 3.0 statement block should be coded with this syntax:

   ActionScript statement
   ActionScript statement

2. The built-in object, "_root", represents the default MovieClip object, which is the drawing panel of all display objects. It can also be used to store user defined properties like this:

   _root.speed = 7.29;
   _root.angle += 60*_root.speed;

3. Two built-in properties, "_x" and "_y", represents the top-left corner position of the default MovieClip object, "_root". "_x" and "_y" are like short-hand forms of "_root._x" and "_root._y". By default, "_x,_y" is located at "0,0" If "_x,_y" is changed, all display objects rendered on "_root" will be shifted. For example, the follow to statements will shift all display objects 50 pixel south east:

   _x = _x + 50;
   _y = _y - 50;

4. If you want to jump to a specific frame and continue to play, you can use these two built-in functions:

   gotoFrame(n); // n is the index of frames starting from 0

ActionScript 3.0 statement syntax is very similar to JavaScript. Read next chapters to learn more about ActionScript 3.0.

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