- First ActionScript 3 Example

This section provides a tutorial example on using AS3Compile to compile a simple ActionScript 3 example into a SWF Flash file.

Now let's use the example provided on the SWFTools Web site to learn how to use AS3Compile:

1. Create a text file called with these ActionScript3 statements:

package {
   import flash.display.MovieClip
   public class Main extends MovieClip {
      function Main() {,200,200),150,50),150,50),270,120,10,20)

2. Compile file into a SWF file, smiley.swf:

C:\herong>\local\SWFTools\as3compile -X 400 -Y 400

3. Generate a HTML file, smiley.html, to view the SWF file:

C:\herong>\local\SWFTools\swfdump -E smiley.swf > smiley.html

4. Open smiley.html in a Web browser. You will see:

AS3Compile - Smiley
AS3Compile - Smiley

Congratulations, you have successfully compiled an ActionScript 3 source code into a SWF application with AS3Compile!

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